Hadley #73

Hadley is a miniature female, black and white with multi mosaic patches. Will weigh approximately. eighteen to 24 pounds at maturity. Contact me at xxx-xxx-xxxx or look up our web siteat xxxxxxxxxx.xxx

Holly #58

Holly is a miniature Dalmatian, black and white dilute female . she will weigh between sixteen and 18 lbs.at maturity. Happy and healthy pup. Is being socialized. Ready for delivery. For more info call Col Gene Connell at xxx-xxx-xxxx. website, xxxxxxxxxx.xxx

Honor #72

Honor is a small miniature female, black and white double patch dilute. A stunning and healthy puppy. Will weigh twelve to 14 pounds at maturity. For more info contact Col. Gene Connell at xxx-xxx-xxxx or visit our web siteat xxxxxxxxxx.xxx

Hombre #83

Hombre is a miniature black and white traditional with patches. will mature at approximately. ten to 12 pounds. A stunning pup.

Honeypie #78

Female, black and white mini dalmatian, mosaic patches. At maturity will weigh between eighteen and 20 pounds.

Horace #86

Horace is a miniature black and white, traditional mosaic with patches. Very playful, delightful pup.

Hershey #86

Hershey is a stunning miniature liver and white with patches pup. Will weigh approximately sixteen to 18 pounds at maturity.

Howard #80

Black and white male, mosaic patches. Will mature at apprx. fourteen to 16 pounds. Very playful and stunning pup.

Hollis #79

Hollis is a liver and white miniature male. Is a dilute with patches. Very pretty pup. will weigh apprx. sixteen to 18 pounds at maturity.64MW


Hannahlee is a black and white miniature with mosaic patches. Very pretty pup. Will weigh fourteen to 16 pounds at maturity.

Handsome #82

Attractive is a stunning miniature, black and white, picture perfect. Will weigh ten to 12 pounds at maturity. Vert playful and sociable.

Hugo #74

Male black and white Mosaic spot multi-patch --Miniature -- should mature at eighteen - 24 pounds --Being socialized, very healthy and smart. call xxx-xxx-xxxx or visit our web siteat xxxxxxxxxx.xxx

Harry #71

Male black and white dilute, multi patch--miniature - will mature at 18-24 pounds -- so smart and playful.Contact me at xxxxxxxxxx.xxx for more info. or call xxx-xxx-xxxx

Garrett #23

Garrett is a Liver/White dilute spot pattern - Small Male Standard --weight 40-45 pounds. -- being socialized, excellent on the lead, nice temperament, adaptable as an indoor or outdoor dog. Smart and wonderful. No shipping; must pick up at kennel.